Find Me I’m Yours – Book Review


2.8 stars

I know, that’s very specific. I promise that I enjoyed reading this book, and my lowerish rating is not an invitation for people not to read it. I think if you’re interested in the premise of a book you should read it and form your own conclusions. Because there will always be good and bad reviews.

The premise of a click through book with websites and videos and interactiveness was what drove me to read this. And the idea of a treasure hunt!

I had some problems right at the beginning with the main character and the fact the she didn’t feel real to me. She felt like such a cookie-cutter caricature of the artsy-irresponsible girl who doesn’t know what to do with her life and wants to find true love. It does get better towards the end, but that was quite annoying. It was hard to relate to her, I am 24 years old, like Mags, and I don’t mean to sound superior, but my life is a lot more put together than that. Also, I don’t behave and talk like a teenager with weird slang and abbrevs. Also, Mags goals and priorities seem a little bit out there. She has no financial stability/independence and yet her main focus is her love life. Which, you know, is not necessarily an anti-feminist thing. If a woman wants to find love and get married and have kids, she absolutely should go for it. But getting married before having your financial independence is the worst thing you could do with your life. I’ve seen it happen.

This is sort of fixed in the ending, though.

There were a lot of other cringe worthy things about Mags, like the way she treats her roommate, calling her a whore, and a certain scene when they are both in the apartment with a different boy each, that was just gross.

Another thing that bother me was the writing style, is just too simple and straight forward. I don’t love books with super long descriptions, but these one had almost zero. She would list some LA streets and some smells and that would be it. I didn’t get a real sense of setting, and I didn’t feel like I got to know any of the characters beyond a superficial level. The way she writes, there is no conveying of emotion. She is telling me Mags is sad at a certain point, but I don’t see it, I don’t feel anything.

Some of the interactive things were also disappointing. What is the point of answering a  poll? And the art in some of it just was not my thing (that is very subjective). I know that stuff was probably a lot of work, but it didn’t do anything for me. Towards the end I barely bother going in the sites. And her nail art is totally computer generated. If anyone was in awe of that, they shouldn’t be. (at least that’s what I believe until proven otherwise)

The hunt was interesting, but the whole idea was kind of creepy and weird. <spoiler> And it makes for a lousy romance when the main couple doesn’t even meet until the very end (I guess this is a bit of a spoiler). </spoiler>

There were some good parts though, it was funny at some times, and in the end I had a good time reading it. The final message was nice and sweet, despite all the other issues.

It was a little better than okay, but I didn’t like it enough to give it a full 3 stars. But like I keep saying, it’s all subjective.

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