Under The Never Sky

Rating: ★★★★★

I honestly couldn’t find anything wrong with this book. Nothing that bothered me enough to knock down any stars. Not that it was completely perfect or the most amazing book I have ever read. But it was perfect for what it was, which is YA romance/sci-fi/dystopia.

I got so engrossed reading it, I couldn’t really stop to make notes, so I just marked a couple of beautiful passages that I liked. The book has a very visual writing style – very translatable to movie sort of thing. I could visualize everything that was happening, even with the complex world. And it’s definitely a very complex and cool world. I had a hard time understanding how exactly our world would have become this world they live in, but that wasn’t a bad thing. Just something I’m hoping to see explored in the other books.

For me the book was interesting and fast-paced from the very beginning, even when I wasn’t really understanding what the hell that world was about. But once you get into the mindset of how it all works, it gets even better.

The plot is very open, that are a lot of different things that the characters are trying to achieve and a lot of different antagonists they come across. And the characters! Both Aria and Perry have such great character development throughout the book and you get to see their progress and how they make each other grow. Which is another reason why their romance is so great. The other reason is that it is hot. I like romance. I read books for the romance. And if a romance is hot, I’m going to be all over that ship. So this is it for Perry and Aria. New OTP.

Another thing I really like is switching POVs. When done well, like in this book it works great, both for the action and the romance development.

This book is certainly a new favorite of the year and I can’t wait to continue on with the series!

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