Rating: ★★★★★


I debated how many stars to give this. I didn’t start out liking it.

It had the classical boy-comedy/manic pixie dream girl feeling to it. Not exactly the kind of thing that I like. But after reading it for a while, I guess I changed my mind about not liking it. It was funny, it was enlightening, it had meaning to me.

And in the end it is Margo who paints herself as a manic pixie dream girl. And even the book acknowledges that.

I know some people thought of this as mystery novel, and felt the need for a stronger plot. I disagree, there is a mystery of Margo’s disappearance, but it is in no way intended to be a mystery the reader can solve (which is number one rule of mystery novels).

It is a story of friendship, and self-discovery and coming of age. And that’s how it works. Personally I think it had too much plot. If it had been less convoluted and unrealistic in the unnecessary mystery-quest, it would have been a great literary piece.

So in the end, for making me think and making me laugh, despite its flaws, I rounded up to a 5 star rating. (every new book I read I hate rating more, like every time I have to quantify what I think/feel about something. It is just not a fair system).

Review: Paper Towns by John Green

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