December Wrap Up

  1. Find Me, I’m Yours (ebook) (10/12/14) – 2.8/5 stars – review
  2. Under the Never Sky (ebook) (18/12/14) – 5/5 stars – review
  3. The Giver (physical book) (18/12/14) – 5/5 stars –One of the best dystopia stories I have ever read. There is just so much into it that leaves food for thought. And I like that is perfect for kids, because of the simple writing, but it is not dumbed down writing. I wish to learn more about this world, so will definitely pick up the next 3 books when I have the chance.
  4. Paper Towns (physical book) (19/12/14) – 5/5 stars review
  5. Afterworlds (physical book) (21/12/14) – 5/5 stars – Perfect!
  6. Shatter Me (physical book) (22/12/14) – 3/5 stars – series review to come
  7. Let it snow (physical book) (26/12/14) – 5/5 stars – Sweet and perfect-for-Christmas romantic short stories. I loved all the stories individually and also how they intertwined with each other, especially at the end. I didn’t have a whole lot of issues that kept me from enjoying any of them.
  8. Stone Cold Touch (ebook) (28/12/14) – 4/5 stars – It got kind of boring in the middle, which is why I knocked down a star, but it was still a good sequel, and I have no idea who I’m rooting for in the love triangle.
  9. Angelfall (29/12/14) – 5/5 stars – This was a progressively good read, In the beginning it felt a bit weak in the writing, but it gets so great in terms of action and plot and romance! I’m reading the next one already!

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