Review: Angelfall and World After by Susan Ee


Publication Date: May 21st 2011 and November 19th 2013

Publisher: Skyscape

Pages: 288 and 320

Genre: YA Paranormal

Format: Ebooks

Rating: ★★★★★

Goodreads: link

My thoughts:

This series (I think is going to be just a trilogy even though initially there were rumors of it being a longer running series) is called Penryn and the End of the Days and it tells the story of a seventeen year old girl as she tries to keep her family safe in an post-apocalyptic Earth.

Just a couple of months ago angels (like actual Biblical Angels) invaded the planet and destroyed most of the cities and killed lots of humans. Penryn tries to survive carrying along her non-medicated schizophrenic mother and her wheelchair bond seven year old sister. Right at the beginning of the stories, Penryn witnesses some angels cutting of the wings of another angel. She is afraid they will hurt her when they see her so she tries to fight back and ends up helping the angel who lost his wings. That upsets the other angels and one of them kidnaps her sister. So Penryn decides to help the other angel heal and get his wings back and in exchange he would lead her to where they might be keeping her sister.

The story is told from Penryn’s first person POV and it focuses manly on her struggles to survive, find food and shelter and take care of her family. There is also a very slowly building romance between her and Raffe, the angel whom she makes a deal with. They are essentially enemies in a war that goes beyond both of them and neither one can afford to admit their feelings. But they aways end up helping each other and a strong bond occurs.

The plot is action packed and the story keeps moving in every single page. In the beginning it takes some time for things to get going and for the reader to understand the bigger picture of what is happening, but from the middle on is just lots of crazy things, twists and action. World After starts right after Angelfall ends and it all feels like a continuous story. The end of World After is slightly less open ended than the first one but it still ends on a note that leaves you needing more.

I think Penryn is very relatable and I can definitely relate to a lot of her feelings, even if her situation is so unlike anything I ever experience. But her relationship with her family, her feelings towards the world and other people and even her romantic feelings towards Raffe are all very believable. Her character is what makes this book for me. I also like that is clear that she is not really strong, but she has taken a lot of lessons on self defense so she knows how to fight.

The only thing I wish to change on this book would be to make them longer. Ha. I needed it to be a huge series with lots of books. And also lots more Raffe and Penryn together.

Anyone who likes paranormal/fantasy/dystopia YA would be likely to enjoy this book. Even if you think that is not your kind of thing, consider picking it up, it is really fun. It does have some slightly gory bits, but not too much (I don’t notice gore in books so I don’t really know what to much is, but I don’t think this book is too much). If you don’t like too much romance in books, then these are also good, because the romance is very subtle and very well developed.

So to sum up, pick these up now so you can be as pumped as I am to read End of Days when it comes out in May.

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