Top 5 Wednesday

Top 5 Wednesday is a feature created by Lainey from the youtube channel gingerreadslainey.

This week’s topic is: Authors You Would Like To Meet


Number 5:

John Green – I love his books and his videos, and he just seems like this great and intelligent person. I would really like to meet him.

Number 4:

Alexandra Bracken – She has become one of my favorite authors due to The Darkest Minds series, and I still want to read more by her. She also seems like a really sweet person based on her social media.

Number 3:

Rainbow Rowell – Another one of my favorites, of course! I love her writing and her ideas, and would really like to meet her!

Number 2:

Meg Cabot – One author I grew up with and read thousands of books from. Meeting her would be amazing.

Number 1:

JK Rowling. Do I need to explain this? If I ever met JK Rowling there is a chance I would be fangirling so hard that only grunts would come out of my mouth. Not very impressive.

So what were the authors you would like to meet? Link me to your top 5 or comment/reblog if these are on your list too. =)

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