Discussion: Audiobooks

Hi! So to kick off the 2015 discussion challenge I wanted to talk about audiobooks.

I am listening to an audiobook right now (City of Glass by Cassandra Clare) and it is the reason this topic has been on my mind.

I chose this book, because I want to know what happens in this series (I wanna be on the loop) but I wasn’t very patient with the first two books.

I have always been a very visual person. I don’t learn very well through classes (I have to read and write during) and I could never stand to have people read a book out loud to me when I was a kid. Which is why I didn’t think audiobooks would be enjoyable for me.

I am really enjoying this one, but I do find myself losing focus at times. My eyes need something to look at!

So I want to know what others think. Do you guys like audiobooks? Do you have any tips on how to hear them? Do you think they still count as “reading” even if you are not looking at the words?

Share your thoughts!

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